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General information

This version of the Algorithms for Lattice Fermions package provides a general code for the finite temperature auxiliary field Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm. The code is engineered to be able simulate any model that can be written in terms of sums of single body operators, of squares of single body operators and single body operators coupled to an Ising field with given dynamics. We provide predefined types that allow the user to specify the model, the Bravais lattice as well as equal time and time displaced observables. The code supports an MPI implementation. Examples such as the Hubbard model on the Honeycomb lattice as well as the Hubbard model on the square lattice coupled to a transverse Ising field are provided and discussed in the documentation. For questions and issues you can reach us at

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The Hamiltonians we can consider read: The Hamiltonian0 where The Hamiltonian1 Here Z denotes an Ising spin variable with predefined dynamics. If your model can be written in this form then it will be amenable to the ALF.


ALF is Fortran2003 conforming and should be compilable by every recent Fortran compiler with help of a lapack library.

Libraries: LAPACK and BLAS. Regularly tested are MKL, OpenBLAS and the implementation.

Compiler: gfortran, ifort, PGI compiler


Basic configuration of this package happens directly in the top-level Makefile. Here you can provide compiler information and flags as well as the location of LAPACK and Blas. A simple

. ./

should do the trick to compile the libraries, the analysis programs and the Example program.


Libraries Libraries.

Prog Main program and subroutines. The command make ** will generate the **Examples.out executable.

Analysis Analysis programs. The command make will generate three executables required for the error analysis of scalar, equal time and time displaced observables.

Start This directory contains the files required to start a run. In particular it contains the parameter file that specifies the model the lattice and various parameters for the Monte Carlo run and error analysis.

Examples This directory provides a set of short example runs.

Documentation We have included in the file ALF_v1.0.pdf an extensive documentation.


We have about 30 tests that test various parts of the program in the folder testsuite. As testing framework we employ CTest. From the subfolder testsuite the tests can be run as follows

- mkdir tests
- cd tests
- cmake ..
- make
- make test


F. Assaad, M. Bercx, S. Beyl, F. Goth, J. Hofmann, M. Hohenadler, F. Parisen Toldin, T. Sato, J. Schwab and Z. Wang.


If you use the ALF package, please mention the following in the acknowledments. The auxillary field QMC simulations were carried out with the ALF package available at


The various works that make up the ALF project are placed under licenses that put a strong emphasis on the attribution of the original authors and the sharing of the contained knowledge. To that end we have placed the ALF source code under the GPL version 3 license (see license.GPL and license.additional) and took the liberty as per GPLv3 section 7 to include additional terms that deal with the attribution of the original authors(see license.additional). The Documentation of the ALF project by the ALF contributors is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (see Documentation/license.CCBYSA) We mention that we link against parts of lapack which licensed under a BSD license(see license.BSD).